Lakewood Emerald School opens its doors for the pioneer batch of students on 3rd, January, 2017. It is a unique yet modest learning institution modelled and founded on very strong Christian principles. It is a sister school to Lakewood School, Komarock and Lakewood Premier School Utawala. It is anticipated to be an education complex of a kind comprising a mixed day and boarding primary section and a girl’s high school section. It stands on an expansive land a few kilometres from Nairobi Namanga Road. It is mini education city with well-lit infrastructure and meticulously manicured grass lanes and world class education facilities



Information Technology

Lakewood Emerald School Information Technology

To be globally competitive and relevant we shall integrate information technology in syllabus content delivery. This will make flow of information swift, accurate and effective. Each class shall be fitted with its own computer. Pupils will not need to move from their class during the computer lessons.

School Transport

Lakewood Emerald School Transport

The school runs one of the most vibrant and efficient transport section. It is run and managed by a crew that is highly professional and competent. Safe and comfortable travel for our pupils to and from school is our priority. The school has a fleet of well-maintained buses that enables it to serve the parents better.

Teaching Staff

Lakewood Emerald School Teaching Staff

The members of teaching staff are highly trained and qualified. They are dedicated to excellence. They are recruited through a well thought competence evaluation process. We undertake a continuous capacity building for our teachers to make them more competitive and effective.

Our Environment

Lakewood Emerald School Our Environment

Welcome to Lakewood Emerald School, Kitengela. The school is located in quiet, serene and spacious compound. It is located a few kilometers from Kitengela town in the Thorn Grove Area in Kajiado County.

Education System

The school currently offers 8-4-4 system of education as outlined by the Ministry of Education through the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development. Our system gives the students an opportunity to grow him/herself holistically. We emphasize on moral growth, intellectual and social. Sports, music, and other components of education are an integral part of our school program.


Since its inception, the school has lived to the tradition of Lakewood of honouring God through excellence. The school has recorded outstanding academic performance at all levels. Our desire is to remain at the top by bringing out the best out of every child. We believe that excellence involves going far beyond the ordinary.

Quality Education

Our vision and mission revolve around the provision of quality, affordable and holistic education. Each day, the school shall endeavour to provide relevant, top notch and tailor-made educational services to all its clients by using cutting edge knowledge delivery methods. We do not just want to be a good school, but a great one; a rare fountain of knowledge among the nations of the world.

Our Management

The school is run and managed by a board of directors. The board comprises seasoned educationists with vast experience in school management. On top of that they are classroom teachers with a wide range of experience in preparing candidates for exams. Over the years, they have attained impressive results in the national exams. Under the pragmatic and able stewardship of this board, Lakewood is going places.

Samuel Waitiki Kimamo

Director in Charge of Operations And Mathematics and Science Teacher

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Paul Mutua Nzioka

Director in charge of Projects & Development, & Mathematics and Science Teacher

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John Gathige Maina

Director of Studies and Curriculum Implementation & Social Studies and English Teacher

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